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24-26  High Street | Stalham | Norwich | Norfolk | NR12 9AN

01692 580959

Welcome to Broadland Angling & Pet Centre

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Broadland Angling and Pet Centre has been established here at the top of Stalham High Street for many years and has built up a fine reputation for quality goods, whether it be food or accessories.

Friendly staff are here to help and advise you with their wealth of experience and knowledge in looking after and caring for your well loved pets. As well as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry, fish and your garden birds, we also cater for those larger animals like goats and horses!

If the item you are looking for is not in stock we usually can have it in within 2-3 days and although we no longer stock traditional pets i.e rabbits, guinea pigs and budgies we have found a demand for reptiles which will be available shortly to purchase.

Live foods such as meal worms, crickets, locusts and wax worms are available as well as frozen- chicks, rats and mice.

For anglers you will find a huge range of accessories including: fishing rods, reels and lines, floats, weights, hooks as well as maggots and worms. Everything you could need for coarse fishing, carp fishing, sea fishing and pike fishing. We are happy to advise customers on what they need and share our experience and knowledge.

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We have a well stocked room in the shop specifically for our angling products where we sell a wide range of products and brands including Korda and Shimano, Pure Fishing Incorporates, Mitchell, Abu, Greys, Shakespeare and JRC also ESP and Drennan and many more.

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Pet Food

A wide range of pet food, both wet and dry, is available for all your animal's needs. We stock a variety of branded products as well as raw foods and bones for dogs and supplements and treats for many animals. Dry food can be weighed out for your requirements.

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Pet Accessories

We stock a vast range of dog and cat collars, leads, harnesses and muzzles and your pet can travel in style with our selection of dog coats, travel harnesses and baskets. You can also ensure your pet looks its best with brushes, combs and clippers and enjoys the greatest comfort on one of our pet beds and quilts.

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Pet Health

It's always a worry when our pets aren't at their best but the range of health products at Broadland Angling and Pet Centre will keep your animal in tip top condition. We stock an array of flea and worm treatments, vitamins and supplements to help keep eyes, teeth and coats in good condition as well as shampoos to keep your animal happy and healthy.

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Small Animals & Birds

Smaller animals, birds and fish are well catered for at Broadland Angling and Pet Centre. We stock a range of dried food as well as flakes and pellets for aquarium and cold water fish. Both domestic and wild bird food is available including wheat, mixed corns, pellets, peanuts, sunflower hearts, and suets.

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Large Animals

At Broadland Angling and Pet Centre we cater for most animals, including larger ones such as goats and horses. If you cannot find the feed or accessory that you are looking for in store we should be able to order in for you.


Opening Times

November - March
Monday - Saturday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

April - October
Monday - Saturday 9.00 am - 5.30 pm

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Broadland Angling and Pet Centre
24-26 High Street | Stalham | Norwich | Norfolk | NR12 9AN
01692 580959

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